VoyageBank. The cloud server for SEAiq Pilot.
VoyageBank is a server for marine pilots who have adopted the SEAiq Pilot app within their organisation. It is a cloud database that protects, shares, and centralises pilotage data across your pilot service. And that's good for your pilots and pilotage safety, communication, and efficiency.
Made for pilot organisations
Turn on the various SEAiq toggle switches, and VoyageBank will automatically backup SEAiq recordings, track files, and logbooks to your server in the cloud. Pilots can access their own backups through a web browser and download or replay on their local copy of SEAiq Pilot. Enterprise admins can access all backups across their entire pilot organisation.

Backed up pilotage data
Pilots within a pilot service should have easy access to the same waypoints, routes, mariners tools and chart annotations in order to save setup time, and improve safety and consistency. With VoyageBank your server admin can upload "master files" to the cloud server and all of your pilots will automatically receive the latest master SEAiq records for use within their app.

SEAiq routes and tools
Upload company-wide documents and forms into your server and the files will be available to all of your pilots within SEAiq Pilot. Update the files and VoyageBank will send the pilot the latest version. Open PDFs on the iPad and electronically annotate or sign. This is an easy-to-use system perfect for procedures, safety documentation, checklists, chartlets, and templates.
Electronic documents and forms
Pilots can upload comments and photos on ships for the benefit of future pilots. Having your own vessel database in the cloud is great for sharing important safety information, equipment or shiphandling peculiarities, customer service preferences, or any other operational information. Comments and photos are kept exclusively within your own organisation.
Vessel comments database
VoyageBank for SEAiq is being used by over 40 pilot services in trial or production form and is continually updated to reflect the needs of pilots and their parent pilot organisations. It is an affordable, easy-to-use cloud server that brings immediate benefits to a group of pilots. Contact us via email to get started with your free 30-day trial.
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